Stone in the countryside

Superb flag fencing criss crossing the landscape at Back Cowm, Whitworth
Large scale flag fencing adjacent to Lee Quarry tramway.
Even flagstones with flag buttresses at Hud Clough, Whitworth
Double row of flag fencing at Back Cowm Farm











Stepped profile flag fence at Cock Hall, Whitworth
Unusual flag fence sheep fold at Back Cowm, Whitworth

Flag fence modified to farm porch Moss Meadows Farm, Stacksteads
High quality stepped waterboard walling. Spring Mill, Whitworth
















Dry stone wall 'corridor' plus flag causey, Healey Stones, Healey
Wall with flag stone over sheep creep, Bacup Old Rd

Grade II listed circular tree guard, later sheep pen, Cow Toot, Bacup
T shaped wall pattern for sheep shelter near Plunge, Edenfield


Quarryman's hut with stone cupboards and chimney, Cragg Quarry
Quarryman's hut with more complex entrance, Ab Top Quarry
Stacked grey (stone) slates with peg holes, Halsingden Grane
Large flagstone roof near Thimble Hall, Watergrove
Gate post and ruins at Causeway Head, Musbury Valley
Strong ripple marks in gate post, Grove Head, Grane Valley
Distinct stone row - 'a stretcher gate' for drying warp, Thimble Hall, Watergrove
A junction of 2 sets of stone causeys some rutted by early stone truck, Rooley Moor Rd, Cowpe
Old causeys clearly rutted by stone trucks, Cowclough Rake, Cowm
Eye catching bridge over Old Lane, purpose unknown, Cow Toot, Bacup
Flag stone spans and support on clapper bridge at Hippins, Waterfoot
Flag stone parapets on bridge over River Ogden, Irwell Vale
Turnpike road bridge over early pack horse bridge at Ewood Bridge
Bridges as only remains of fulling mill in Healey Dell Whitworth
Early chimneys - the transition from water to steam power, Bridge Clough, Waterfoot
Detached chimney above Greenbridge Works, Rawtenstall. The flue up the hillside gains height to the chimney
Primitive use of stone to create a grate, Hud Clough, Whitworth
Hand carved manhole cover in flagstone, Alder Bottom, Edenfield
Waugh's Well on the moorlands above Edenfield. The late John Taylor organising an annual pilgrimage.
'Spewing Duck' well at Goodshaw Fold, the trough is created by flagstone slabs
Large hand carved stone trough, New Hall Hey. Rawtenstall