Mid Pennine Arts

Mid Pennine Arts produced an accessible, tactile sculptural trail for Valley of Stone and commissioned metal and mixed medie designer Robin Dobson to produce a major piece of public artwork for Lee Quarry.  The artwork consists of tree separate but linked elements that celebrate both Rossendale's stone quarrying heritage and the dramatic natural landscape of Lee Quarry and the surrounding area.

The completed Frond in situ at Lee Quarry

The first piece, Frond is a landmark visible from the main route bewteen Bacup and Stacksteads. 

 The scultpure focuses on the area's heritage and highlights the stunning views around Lee Quarry.  Mid Pennine Arts worked with schoolchildren from Holy Trinity Primary School who helped to design The Frond and helped with the mosiac panelling.




Children from Britannia Primary School enjoying Ferroterrasauras


The second piece, Ferroterrasuaras is inspired by industrial machinery and skeletal detailing and provides a 'drop off' obstacle for trial bikers. Mountain bike / trail riders were invited to a workshop to help design the piece. This allowed the interactive aspect of this sculpture to compliment the mountatin bike trails and trails biking courses that have already been developed around the site as part of the Pennine Lancashire Adrenaline Gateway.



Echofly - situated at the rear of Lee Quarry


The final part of the commission, Echofly, saw Robin work with local memebrs of the community to design an interactive piece that marks the flora and fauna that can be found in the quarry.  It is positioned within the pool at the rear of Lee Quarry.





Robin produced an exhibiton piece which is currently touring at key sites throughout Rossendale.  Click here to download a booklet which features Robin's work.


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