CAR Video Unit

CAR Video Unit became the video partner for the Valley of Stone thanks to a short film they made about Rossendale's stone industry as part of a previous project.

CAR trained over 30 young people in video production during the project and oversaw the completion of 15 short films about various aspects of Rossendale's quarrying heritage and the activities of other project partners.  These videos can be found in different sections throughout the website or via the links below.


The Work of the Valley of Stone Archaeologist

The Work of the Conservation Volunteers

Horse and Bamboo's Valley of Stone Arts Project

The Wall of History

The 19th Century Rossendale Quarrymen

The Skills of the Stonemason

Facit Quarry Incline

Facit Chimney

Healey Stone Sidings and Polishing Mill

Quarry Cranes

Swing Saw

Bacup Times

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