Facit Chimney

Facit Chimney sits half way along Facit Incline and is accessible from the newly created cycleroute NCR 92 from Britannia to Whitworth.

Work to conserve the chimney was completed in 2009 and included the complete re-pointing of the chimney and re-straightening the top of the chimney as it had twisted over time.  The chimney was restored by Groundwork Contract Services.

Facit incline was a steep single rail track with a passing place near the middle that transported stone in rail waggons from Facit Quarries on the moor top to the processing site locatd at the valley bottom.  The processing site was situated below the chimney and next to the main railway line that led to Rochdale and beyond.

The chimney was built in the latter part of the 19th Century and was part of a flue system from the engine sheds that provided the power for the machinery that polished, cut and planed stone products.

The video below was produced by a group of young people as part of the CAR Video Unit Project.


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