Lee Quarry

The early 20th century witnessed a major decline in quarrying due to rising extraction costs and a decrease in the demand for stone.  In consequence after 1919 the majority of Rossendale Quarries were closed although the spectacular quarry faces at Lee Quarry in Bacup were worked until the mid 1980s,

Lee Quarry is now a main access point for Valley of Stone and is a major area for recreation.  As well as providing mountain bike trails it offers an oportuinity to understand the natural and industrial heritage of Rossendale.  Parts of the site are classed as a Geological Site of Scientific Interest. 

Valley of Stone work at the quarry includes a major restoration of the Saw Shed, the installation of 3 sculpture pieces by Mid Pennine Arts and interpretation of key sites within the quarry.

There is now 'Tramper' access to this quarry, provided by Lancashire County Council who own Lee Quarry.

You can find out more about Lee Quarry as a historical site here.

Click and drag left or right to see a 360 panorama of the oldest section of Lee Quarry.

Lee Quarry Sawshed

The saw shed was conserved in 2010 by local stone masons Evans & Walmsley.  A 2 bay building to house 2 saw frames which sawed the stone into useable size blocks.  During the excavations, many artefacts were found.  These are now displayed within the saw shed and an interpretation panel allows for easy identification.

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