Brandwood Moor tramways


The Brandwood Moor Tramway consists of three tramways which run from NGR: SD 858 214 to 858 206 (Harman’s Tramway); SD 855 216 to 864 197 (Siddall’s first tramway); and SD 854 212 to 865 201 (Siddall’s second tramway).

Before and after shots of head of incline - Siddall's second tramwayBefore and after shots of head of incline - Siddall's second tramway

Historical Summary:

Working life: Hardman’s Tramway constructed between 1845 –1860 and disused by 1909: Siddall’s first tramway operated until 1889: Siddall’s second tramway built in 1883 and probably closed 1914 (Taylor 1991;)

Brandwood Moor Tramway, Siddal's First Track

Quarry firms: Siddall’s

Transport: Siddall’s second tramway was probably a standard gauge tramway.

Summary of Surviving Remains: The lower sections of Siddall’s tramways have been landscaped, but the surviving sections of this trambed are visible as a series of engineered platforms, slight embankments and cuttings. A number of associated structures, the pier of a trestle bridge, and the site of a possible winding house, and other structures , also survive on the line of Siddall’s first tramway, whilst a probable winding house is found at the end of Siddall’s second tramway.

Siddall's Second Tramway Approaching Greens

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