Moss Quarry tramway

A short tramway track bed ascends on a gradual slope from a road side sett at Leavengreave into Moss Quarry.

Working Life: During 1889 a mineral tramway was constructed from the quarry to the roadside sett,(Rothwell 2008).

Quarry Firms: Brooks & Brooks were working the quarry in 1902, and their 'style' of quarrying favoured the use of tramways.

Latterly the quarry run by Bowers and Sons; quarrying eventually ended after 1938.

Transport: Narrow guage tramway possible 3ft guage.

Summary of Surviving Remains: Although the tramway is short with no obvious links, it does have some merits. It is a narrow track bed skillfullly engineered on the hillside with masonry cuttings and butresses on the graded ascent.

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Graded track bed descending to Leavengreave sett.