Cloughfold to Ding Quarry tramway


The Cloughfold – Ding Tramway is the most extensive tramway system in the region running from NGR: SD 850 188 to SD 823 225 and includes to branches running from Cloughfold Scrubbing Mill (NGR: SD 818 218) to Brow Edge quarry (NGR: SD 816 212) and Hurdles quarry (NGR: SD 823 217)

Historical Summary

Working life: Link between Hurdles, Brow Edge, Great Height and Crag quarry constructed in 1867. Link to Ding quarry constructed 1888. The track was lifted in 1920.

Quarry firms: Butterworth & Brooks. Brooks & Brooks.

Transport: Tramway with a 3' gauge.

Historic saddle tank on

Summary of Surviving Remains: The line of the tramway is discernable throughout much of its course as a series of engineered platforms, slight embankments and cuttings. There are, however, a series of well defined and well preserved embankments between Cragg quarry and Cloughfold Scrubbing Mill and a deep drystone revetted cutting. There is also a probable winding house and platform close to Ding quarry, two degraded structures , a series of crane platforms and processing areas adjacent to Great Height quarry and a well defined tramway incline running from Cloughfold Scrubbing Mill to Cloughfold.

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Skilfull Masonry Cutting at Sandbeds Lane near Cowpe Lowe