Lee Quarry to Deansgreave tramway


The Lee – Deansgreave Tramway runs from NGR: SD 864 217 to 884 214 and originally linked Britannia Stone Sidings, Lee Quarry and Lee Mill.

Historical Summary:

Working life: Incline and system between Britannia station – Deansgreave – Black Cowm built in 1882. Link from incline to Lee Quarry built 1900. Both of these tramways in disuse by 1928. Link from Lee Quarry to Lee mill started operation in 1880 and closed in 1938.

Quarry firms: Brooks & Brooks. 

Transport: The linking tramway between the Britannia incline and Lee Quarry has a mainline gauge.

Lee Quarry Linking Tramway Showing Sleepers

Summary of Surviving Remains: The incline between Lee Mill and Lee quarry has unfortunately been truncated by a haulage road and only a short section of the tramway now survives. The remaining sections of the tramway are well defined as a series of engineered platforms and low embankments, and in sections in situ sleepers are visible within the trambed, whilst the incline which runs from Britannia station is well preserved in its upper sections. There are also two degraded structures associated with the tramway, which include a loading/processing platform and a possible winding house.

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 Guided Walk through Cutting on Lee Quarry Tramway