Dules Mouth scrubbing mill


Dules Mouth Scrubbing mill is located at NGR: SD 875 198 and is positioned on the lower reach of Cowm Brook. The site can be accessed from a public footpath which runs NW from Cowm Reservoir.

Historical Summary:

Working life: Operating by 1844 (OS 1st edn) – out of use by 1910 (OS 25”). 

Methods: Water powered polishing mill


Schematic Diagram of Water Powered Rubbing Mill

Summary of Surviving Remains:

This site contains a number of features and structures which are associated with the polishing, or scrubbing, of stone. These features include the silted remains of a large millpond, which may have been fed by leat running from a weir positioned on Cowm Brook, and the degraded remains of a water powered polishing mill. This mill has a number of identifiable components, including a headrace running from the millpond, with an associated byewash, and the remains of a wall which may have been part of a sluice gate. Water channelled through the headrace appears to have driven a breastshot waterwheel, which would have turned a series of gears powering the mill. Although this gearing system does not survive it was probably contained within a stone vaulted chamber, positioned adjacent to the waterwheel, which may also have acted as the base for the millstone. A stone revetted tailrace, and a drystone platform, are also found to the south-east of the mill, whilst a degraded stone buttress is positioned at the north-east corner of the mill.

Over view of Site and Butresses at Dules Mouth Scrubbing Mill whilst passing on a Guided Walk

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