Broadley stone sidings


Broadley Stone Sidings is located at NGR: SD 880 168 and is positioned close to a junction which linked the Bagden mineral tramway with the main Facit Branch line. The site can be accessed from the Healey Dell Nature Reserve.

Historical Summary

Working life: In use by 1894 (OS 1st edn) and still used post-1930 (OS 25”)

Firms: Henry Heys & Co (Roberts, 1974, 18).

Transport: Tramway serving local quarries. Locomotive “James” used on the line until 1900. A length of line was, however, used until 1950’s which served  nearby Spring Mill bleaching works (Roberts, 1974, 22-4).

Broadley Stone Sidings Looking from the East

Summary of Surviving Remains:

This stone sidings has evidence for a stone built platform running adjacent to the former Facit Branch Line. The remains of a scrubbing, or polishing mill are also positioned to the rear of this platform. The remains include two stone lined circular depressions which housed the millstones and an engine bed and possible boiler area. To the south of these settings a linear depression also appears to represent a degraded extension to the mill.

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Broadley Stone Sidings Guided Walk